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I frequently get demands from log property owner that say, "I wish to have my log home cleaned up and stained." When I ask precisely what do they imply, I generally hear" I want the logs cleaned and re-coated. At this moment I request for a couple of minutes of their time to discuss the following.

Depending upon the kind of surface that is in the logs and its condition will determine which procedure needs to be used to prepare the wood for re-coat. This is where log home repair can in some cases get a bad name.

The general rule is, if you have a latex stain or paint that remains in GOOD condition, then most likely a great wash with a chlorine service will do. If it is an oil stain, there are lots of aspects to consider.

A lot of times I have contacted us to a log home plastic sheds an alternative to wooden that has been stained (with an oil stain) just 2 to 3 years prior. As a guideline, the issue with the stain is among 2 things.

Initially, the stain was placed on a recently built home that most likely had "green" or damp logs and was not appropriately cleaned up and prepped to get the surface.


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Chinking for log houses can be used for visual factors or can be done to guarantee the aspects remain outside. Some house owners like the appearance of chinking while others do not wish to see it in their home. Usually, chinking is needed on your log home if you satisfy any of the following requirements:

You can stick your hand from the within your log the home of the beyond your log home.

You want the joint in between your logs to stick out.

You want the joints in between your logs to be higher than 3/4".

Chinking is created to stand apart from your logs Cheap Gardening – Beautiful Flowers Don't Have To Cost A Fortune ... because of the heavy surface area texture and the readily available colors. It is necessary to keep in mind that this product can just do so much. The performance of an item, such as Log Jam will depend a lot on the application of the product. When using chinking product take the following products into factor to consider:


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