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Home Logs that surpass a 20% wetness material will put an unusual quantity of tension on a chinking joint and will need a broader joint.

The chinking joints must be roughly 1/12" the size of the size of your home logs. (Example: A 12" log would need a 1" chinking joint.).

All chinking products carry out finest when they have 2-point adhesion. This is achieved by utilizing backer rod.

Chinking ought to be used in between 40-90 degrees and can take 3 weeks to completely treat.

Chinking will stay flexible throughout the lifetime of the item.

Chinking ought to be done after a suitable stain is used.

In conclusion, chinking for log houses can supply a weather-tite seal or visual appeal. In either case, it is necessary to bear in mind that this kind of product will carry out better if the appropriate standards are followed.